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The Ovation’s vision is to become the decentralized marketplace of the future, governed by smart contracts, and with no decision making entity other than the stakeholders.

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Decentralization — Power to the Merchants

Ovation is a decentralized blockchain-powered open marketplace, governed by smart contracts, and with no decision making entity other than the stakeholders. Only the Merchant members (token holders) will define rules and regulations, and program them into smart contracts, guaranteeing transparency, trust and sustainability.

We firmly believe that merchants need to be empowered in order to provide the best products and the best services to consumers. The best alternative is a decentralized, organized marketplace which will in the future be controlled by merchants themselves.

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Token Distribution

initial distibution

  • 10% Marketing
  • 35% Public Sales
  • 27% Marketplace Development
  • 13% Operations
*15% Advisory board and team.
Sale breakdown

Token Sales Contribution

  • 45% Marketing & Sales
  • 37% Marketplace Development
  • 15% Operations
  • 3% Legal
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Development Roadmap

OVT Visa Card, Spend everywhere

The Ovation Visa Card

Ovation Card is a Visa-branded debit card that draws from a cryptocurrency-funded bank account. Since it’s a Visa card, you can use your Ovation card just like you would any other card.

The card and Ovation bank account are free for holders of cryptocurrency. In order to open an account, you simply sign up, verify your identity, and transfer your Ovation Token to your account. Ovation Card is available to customers around the world.

An Ovation card account has no minimum balance and no monthly fees. There is, however, a $500 limit on free ATM withdrawals and an interbank exchange limit of $5,000. If you choose to invest and hold the OVT token, then you can upgrade to a limited edition card. These cards have higher limits on ATM and interbank transfers in addition to looking cooler than the free cards.

Solving the problem of everyday payments has the potential to be huge for cryptocurrency. The whole idea behind Ovation is to make everyday spending with cryptocurrency easy. If more people can pay with cryptocurrency at coffee shops and grocery stores, then it becomes much more appealing to hold cryptocurrency. Up until now, however, the usefulness of crypto for spending has been a major roadblock to adoption.

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